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roda + z8 35mm films | evening adventures

roda + z8 35mm films | evening adventures


For evening adventures - save when you grab 2 CATCH 35mm films together 


Best for: soft settings, long lunches and intimate occasions with your favourite people 

Expect: oranges, greens and blues 

Think about: getting close, shooting from high up and getting home safely 


Best for: big groups, loud environments and making memories 

Think about: having fun and shooting from the hip

Expect: purples, reds and greens 

48 shots (24 each) | colour film | develop anywhere 


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  • Order prepared immediately
  • Next day and express delivery available
  • Tracking info shared with email when order has shipped
  • All orders sent in recyclable packaging
  • Film orders are sent in hand-stamped reusable CATCH bags
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100s of 5 star reviews (4.89 / 5.00)


5 /5 ratings

‘So much better than taking photos on a phone and love getting the photos back after they've been developed'

Jess, 27

Bought a CATCH Starter Bundle in April 2024

5 /5 ratings

‘Since I got my CATCH camera, I have spent less time on my phone and the pictures are sooo nice’’

Alina, 29

Receives 1 x CATCH 35mm film each quarter on subscription

5 /5 ratings

'Getting your photos back after a trip away is the best feeling'

Owen, 32

Receives 2 x CATCH films every month on subscription

5 /5 ratings

‘The tips and videos you shared made learning so much more enjoyable and fun, and we love how the photos look!'

Remi, 24

Gifted a CATCH Camera in May 2023

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How do I get my photos back?

The film inside your camera needs to be developed once it has been used. This can be done by us (see CATCH development service) or by lots of places on the high street or elsewhere online - just search 'film development near me'. When you get your photos developed, your photos are sent back to your phone for enjoying, sharing and storing.

Why should I choose CATCH?

We want to get you off your phone and connecting with the people and places around you. As a society, we are so digitally distracted - CATCH is an opportunity to slow down, get creative and take special photos of the moments that really matter to you - holidays, parties and time with your favourite people.

How do I use a point and shoot camera?

Check out out FAQ page for top tips to get going. We will also send you lots of inspiration and videos to help you on your analogue photography journey. If you are buying for someone else then they will also receive this information, so we've got you!

got a question?

CHECK OUT OUR FAQ PAGE OR drop us a message on instagram